Monday, 23 May 2011

The Absolutely Essential Idiots Guide to Baby Cares

As soon as anyone discovers you are pregnant you are public property. You might as well walk around with a sign around your neck:

Yes - I am Pregnant
18 weeks
No- I don't have other children 
Yes - I do plan on using my reproductive organs again (but not for a few years)
Yes - I am excited
No - I don't want to hear your childbirth horror story...but thanks anyway

Sound familiar? And along with all the standard questions comes people's advice about how you should or shouldn't raise your child. Much of it is well intended of course, and a lot of it can be useful if you filter through the outdated advice. But that's what we're here for! To filter through the masses of information and bring you nothing but the best? 

We are very proud of this one...we've outdone ourselves.

Be sure to study carefully and don't be shy...make sure you bookmark for future reference - these things can be very confusing to start with but with a little help from Getting Pregnant After, you too can be a supermum!

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