Monday, 23 May 2011

Are You Ready Become A Mother?

Have you been thinking about having a baby? Many times motherhood is unexpected but most women these days prefer to prepare themselves for the life altering responsibility and plan their pregnancy carefully. If that sounds like the approach you would like to make then perhaps we should talk about whether or not you are ready to have a baby.

One of the most vital points you need to examine is your health. It's recommended that women begin boosting their folate intake weeks in advance of falling pregnant. A preconception appointment with you Doctor is always a great pace to start before considering a pregnancy.

On that note, with the cost of health care on the rise and children forever being in the need of care, you should also investigate the cost of health care cover. If you already have a policy, you would be wise to check the fine print - is pregnancy included? Is it easy to add a child to your cover and how much is the increase? Many insurance companies now realize that by encouraging new mothers to breastfeed after childbirth will save them money in the long term and a good provider will offer to loan you a breast pump to express your milk along with your maternity cover.

Your diet should be considered of course and there are many foods you can begin eating now that will boost your chances of a successful conception. With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions, this will also set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating. You can read up about a healthy diet and fertility boosting foods right here.

It seems like every month a new report is released about the costs of raising a child. The one thing they do have in common is the fact that the cost is over $1million. The good news is that you don't need this type of money upfront! In all seriousness, if you are currently having trouble making ends meet then you will find live extremely frustrating when you are trying to figure out how to squeeze nappies and children's clothing into your budget. That isn't to say that you need a lot of money to raise a child, but some money in the bank goes a long way to securing your futures together. There are opportunities to stay at  home and make money whilst looking after your family. Be warned though, there are many people out there selling misleading get rich quick schemes so will do well to investigate places like Legitimate Online Jobs for a database of real companies that offer real opportunities.

Your living conditions are also an important consideration. Not all of us own that house in the suburbs and the white picket fence, but do you live in a safe neighborhood? Are you close enough to a support network of family and friends? Do you have enough room to accommodate a cot, a pram, draws, change mat/table, baby bath and all the other "hardware" that mother's use?

In my opinion, the most important of these questions is being close to a support network - all new mothers struggle with the sleepless nights caused by burning fevers or teething pain and the constant wonder of "Am I doing this right? Why is he/she still crying?" Having some guidance from experienced family and friends will put your mind at ease. And besides. babysitters are expensive!

There will come a time when baby needs a room of his or her own. If you do not have enough room then you need ask yourself if you would prefer to move house now or later down the track when you are pregnant or have a child - moving now could save you a lot of stress, but moving later could save you money.

Your age is another important consideration. Many women are leaving motherhood to the last minute to find that they struggle to conceive. If you are over 30 and want children now is the time to give this some serious thought. After the age of 35 the chances of having a high risk pregnancy, a baby with health issues and having problems conceiving is increased. If you are in this age group and you're serious about motherhood, make an appointment immediately - I'll wait here for you.

Lastly, but it's also worth a mention...does your partner know? Don't laugh, I'm serious. Some women who decide to have a baby have given little thought to what their partners want. If you have been together for a long time then perhaps you have already discussed the matter of becoming parents. Perhaps he is unsure. Perhaps he's pressuring you and you're not to sure. What ever the case, parenthood is the biggest decision you will ever make.

Don't be fooled by the baby on 
the adverts; parenthood is work.

It's the worst paying work, the longest hours, the least thanks, with high rates of depression (postnatal) and you're under constant emotional pressure.

 It also has the biggest rewards, lifetime membership, the funniest laughs and you will know the deepest and rawest love as you you form the greatest bonds. There is never a dull moment, that's for sure.

So if you would like to prepare for motherhood, then you are advised to thoroughly consider all of the points mentioned here today. You are also advised to discuss the matter with your health care providers, other parents and as well as any of literally millions of books on conception, pregnancy and childcare that are available for you to collect.

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