Saturday, 14 May 2011

How To Choose Your IVF Clinic - What Questions Should You Ask?

In Vetro Fertilization (or IVF) is incredibly expensive and if you're anything like me, you want to make sure that you are getting the best treatment for the lowest price. It's very daunting for first time couple's to choose the clinic right clinic and knowing what's at stake makes the process incredibly stressful.

One of the major problem's I have found with any sort of medical treatments is that those who work there...well, they work there. They went to med school, they dedicated years of their lives to understanding a particular branch of medicine and they work day in day out dealing with the people and the problem's that arise. They know the crazy medical talk, the know the procedure's, they know the problem's.

I suspect that sometimes they forget that we haven't been to been to med school. 

This is work for them. This is life changing for you.

That said, every one of these professionals became there are most definitely came to specialize in their area of expertise because they wanted to make the world a better place by helping people like you realize your dreams of becoming parents.

So, I stray from the point. How should you judge an IVF clinic and what questions should you ask them?

Be sure to read all the way to the end because I have some extra insight for you too =)

In no particular order...
Clinic Statistics...
What is your success rate (preferably by age)?
Is there any type of fertility conditions that you don't treat?
What's the cut of age for women you are willing to treat?
How many cycles do you perform each year at your clinic?
Is the clinic registered with a regulatory body?

How much for the basic IVF costs?
Are there any other expenses that I would or could come across?
What happens to the costs if the cycle is abandoned?
How long will I need to be in your region? - Who takes care of travel & logistics?

How is the pretreatment carried out?
Where will I get the medication?
How will I be monitored?
How will you determine if I'm being under or over stimulated?
(If you decide to travel abroad for treatment, you will also need to ask who would treat you if you had any problem once you are back at home.)
What's your transfer policy - how many embryo's will you replace at one time?

TIP #1 - You will notice that a few of those questions might not apply directly to you but you do need to ask them. For example, the success rate's of a clinic is directly linked to the age limit - a clinic that services mostly younger women will have a better success rate than one that takes on women in their mid-late forties. One clinic may of quite poor numbers when compared to another that refuses to take on high risk cases. 

TIP #2 - Create a list of question's to take with you to your appointment - you'll be bombarded with information during your consult and all those questions you were dying to ask are suddenly forgotten.

TIP #3 - If possible, remain in email contact with your Doctor - this way, nothing gets forgotten because it's all written down for you to go back to again and again. Remember to keep your emails brief and straight to the point. If possible, write your email so the Doctor (or a Nurse) can write an answer under each question.

TIP #4 - Join a support group if you haven't already. Let you in on a secret?? Forum's are the BEST place to find not just support but answers. You feel much more at ease those "silly" questions to your peers and it's good for the soul to know and talk to other women who are in the same situation. Plus, the Internet is very anonymous so you can feel free to open up without feeling embarrassed.

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