Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage - Will I be Able To Conceive Again?

You most absolutely will!! The fact that you have conceived in the past is a good sign that you are fertile and you do not have an obstruction in your fallopian tubes. Having a miscarriage doesn't make you infertile.

However, having a miscarriage means that you have a slightly higher risk of having another one. This risk increases again if you have another miscarriage. Your age and medical history will determine if your Doctor will investigate the cause of miscarriage and many Doctors feel no need of concern until after the third loss. It's definately with talking about with your Doctor because some problems that cause miscarriage have a simple solution

Having several miscarriages may indicate that you have a problem that is effecting your fertility - this could be anything form a genetic or uterine abnormality, a genetic abnormality or fibriods. Infections might also be the cause.

If the cause of a miscarriage is not found then the odds are stacked in your favour. Reports (one study in Britain springs to mind) have shown that by relaxing (I know, it's touoh) and a healthy diet will also shift the odds to your favour.

Other studies have shown that three quarters of women with an unexplained history of miscarriage will go on to have healthy babies and problem free pregnancies. 

The sad truth is, that around 15% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage and these do not include the number of pregnancies that have not been clinically diagnosed or are passed off as a slightly late and heavy period. 

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