Sunday, 29 May 2011

Think You're Showing Signs Of Secondary Infertility?

When you begin to wonder if you are showing the signs and symptoms of secondary infertility it is easy to become overwhelmed. The reason being that there are many ingredients involved in a successful conception. One of the most frustrating things about secondary infertility is that you won't know if you or your partner is infertile until you visit a doctor. There are several medical tests that your Doctor can do to detect secondary infertility. There are also methods and products that the doctor can prescribe to help in conceiving another child. 

One routine procedure a doctor can perform is to test the cervical mucus. Cervical mucus plays an essential role in conception, as it enables the sperm to make it all the way to the egg. The sperm are unable to do this if there is little or no cervical mucus present. Another factor involving cervical mucus is that it could be too acidic. It is necessary for the mucus to be alkaline. If it is acidic, it will kill the sperm before they reach the egg.

When a doctor checks the cervical mucus, he/she will look at the whether it is clear or curdled. If it is curdled, there is little to no chance of conception. If the mucus is clear and somewhat sticky, chances of conception are good.

Develop a thick skin. Your family and friends won't understand the rawness and depth your desire to have another baby unless they too have suffered from secondary infertility. If you are trying to get pregnant after 30 then you should see your Doctor immediately as the chances of conception begin to decline soon. You will be referred to a fertility specialist and can begin exploring options and experimenting with treatments almost straight away.

Before you start to think about the possibility that you or your partner might be infertile, make sure that you have been having unprotected (natural method) sex over several months, or as long as a year. Conception can and often does take a long time, even for couples who have been able to have other successful pregnancies. It's not unusual for a couple may have unprotected sex for 8 or 10 months before conception takes place. 

Be patient, if you still haven't conceived after this period of time, ask your doctor for what steps you should take next. Try not to worry - stress is a huge obstacle with those who suffer secondary infertility and it has been known to pull marriages (and friendships) apart.

Concentrate on the fact that you have already conceived (at least) once and for this reason the odds of falling pregnant again are in your favour. Concentrate on the fact that you have a great opportunity to provide your child (or children) with many things that mothers of large families just don't have the time or money to do.

If you suspect that there is a serious problem then you should always consult your Doctor immediately. 

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