Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Who is Eligible for In Vetro Fertilization?

Couples who have been diagnosed with fertility problems in one or both partners will benefit from IVF treatment. However, not all fertility problems can be diagnosed and so couples who have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for three years are also perfect candidates for IVF. 
The most common causes of blocked tubes are inflammations of the uterine lining brought on by IUDs, pelvic inflammatory disease, or gonorrhea. Once the fallopian tube are blocked they are very difficult to repair with only one in three women finding success from mircosurgery. 
Male infertility is also a concern with two thirds of male infertility caused by sperm production issues. Other causes include sperm antibodies, hormonal problems and obstructions. 
The modern world is also adjusting to the fact that more same sex couple are also using IVF to begin a family.
If you're not ready to try IVF (and let's face it - it's invasive, intensive and very expensive) then why not check this out.

This is not another one of those programs that prey on the desperation of childless women. Pregnancy Miracle is an holistic approach to infertility that has had huge success after years of research and refinement.
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