Friday, 3 June 2011

Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage - The Statistics

There's a huge question that faces women after a miscarriage. It's a question that effects the entire duration of the following pregnancy and prevents Mom's (and Dad's) from enjoying the new miracle that is growing within. While there is no way of telling if the next pregnancy will be more successful than the last, the odds are in your favor.

If you are a glass half empty can go ahead and leave right now. Thanks for coming. Come back soon.

If there are any health or environmental concerns that were present in the past pregnancy then you should take whatever action necessary to ensure that they are either a) they are no longer present in this pregnancy (ie. infections) or b) if they cannot be avoided (such as mis-shaped uterus, weak cervix etc) then every effort should  be made to ensure that the problem is minimized and closely managed with the help of your Doctor or OB.

If you have a history of miscarriage, the odds are slightly higher that you may suffer another...but...the odds are still in your favor. I thought we could go through some numbers today and I hope that you will find them comforting. 

If yours was one of the vast majority of miscarriages that cannot be explained then the odds also favor you.

As a basis to compare against, women with no history of miscarriage have approximately 80% chance of having a successful pregnancy.

One miscarriage - The statistics show that this number drops to 80%
Two miscarriages - The odds drop even more to around 70%
Three or more - May drop to as little as 50%

On the other hand, even women who have experienced a series of miscarriages can still go on to have a healthy & pregnancy and an uneventful birth.

Are you really ready?

It really doesn't matter if you were six weeks or sixteen weeks when you miscarried you have just lost a child, along with all the hopes and dreams that you had for that child. When you are thinking about getting pregnant after a miscarriage, you really need to take your time and ensure that you have given yourself enough time to heal.

By rushing into the next pregnancy to soon you are setting yourself up for additional stress and worry that you really don't need. Be patient, forgive yourself and give yourself the gift of time to ensure that you can enjoy the next pregnancy for what it is.

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