Sunday, 5 June 2011

Secondary Infertility? Vent Here (For The Mum's TTC <#2)

For all the Mum's TTC again, you are going to love this! Need to scream at the world? Want to confess all those feelings  and thoughts that you can't tell your hubby? Your best friend? Then welcome home are in the right place.

After answering a question about caesareans in a forum I belong to, I  realized that the problem of Secondary Infertility needs addressing (btw, that's the last time I'm spelling that with capital letters).  Feel free to vent. Blow off some steam and know that you will not be judged by the mothers who are yet to have their first (though we wish them all the luck in the world) or the friends that tell you to be grateful for one.

TTC = Trying To Conceive
DH = Darling hubby
DD = Darling daughter
DS = Darling son

Should I start? Great. Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I spent years TTC with number two.

I hated the circle of fertile's that I was surrounded by at the DS's school.
I hated the Mum carrying her new baby out to the car without socks's the middle of winter, what the hell is she thinking!!
I hated that woman in the shops screaming at her 3 year old.
I hated the fact that "At least I had one DS"
I felt like a failure
I daydreamed about just pulling over the car and grabbing that baby out of the pram - her Mum was to busy talking to notice
I hated just about everyone and everything.

Right gal's, now it's your turn. Completely judgment free and anonymous

Blow the vent sky high!

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