Sunday, 31 July 2011

Early Pregnancy: Conception

The moment of conception
Early pregnancy explained. Conception is one of those amazing, life changing events in every woman's life. We are going to examine what goes on inside your body in early pregnancy before you even discover you have conceived.

Some women have mixed feelings about their pregnancy but if you have been trying to get pregnant for quite a while now you will be overwhelmed with a combination of joy and relief. All the same, you still have a long way to go. Lets start at the very beginning. The first week of pregnancy.

This is the week that your egg will be fertilized and start its amazing process of becoming your baby.

When the sperm and egg meet, an explosion of new cells begin to form. It moves down the fallopian tube, and in about 5 days it implants itself into the uterus.

You probably don't even know you are pregnant, unless you have been keeping track of your cycles and know when you ovulated. Your baby is now known as a zygote and in two weeks it will an embryo.

This is the end of your baby's first week of a long journey towards birth. And what an exciting journey it will be!

This is the week of implantation. Implantation is much easier in theory - in fact, an enormous number of miscarriages happen at this point but they are unrecognized and brushed off as an unusually heavy (sometimes a little late) period. Implantation usually takes place more or less 5 days after conception.

At this point in time, the embryo (currently called a blastocyst) reaches the uterus and looks for a place to tunnel itself beneath surface. After finding that perfect spot, the cells then split into two groups: a cluster of cells which will become your beautiful little baby and a cluster of cells which will become the placenta.

You possibly don't realize your pregnant just yet. You possibly be a touch tired or queasy...or possibly not. A lot of women feel as though they have PMS because this is about the time she is supposed to start her period. Your breasts may feel tender and you may also experience some mild pain in the pelvic area.

By the end of this second week, your baby's backbone, spinal column and nervous system are well on their way to forming. Kidneys, liver and intestines are starting to take shape. Facial features are emerging although you baby will still look almost alien and unrecognizable at this moment.

Wow, this miracle of life is really beginning. Your baby will continue to develop until very soon that magical heartbeat will begin! This is your time - take care of yourself and let others spoil you. Let somebody else worry about the dishes and laundry for now. Pregnancy is all about the new life growing inside look after yourself, there is a long and sometimes arduous journey ahead until that special day you welcome your baby into the world.

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