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Not At All "Morning" Sickness

Morning sickness, also known as morning "suckness" is one of those things seasoned mothers don't talk about until it's too late - you're they can tell you the truth!! Unfortunately, it's not exactly "morning" sickness, the nausea can strike at any time - morning, noon or night and although it isn't always the first sign of pregnancy, it's definitely the most notable one! Perhaps the strangest fact about morning sickness is that there are remote regions of the world where it is virtually non-existent. The women in these far flung place's haven't been pre-conditioned by the film and tv industry to believe that every woman must suffer from it. Combined with healthy eating habits, very few of them are even aware of morning sickness.

Morning sickness will normally start at any point in the first trimester of your pregnancy and often finishes around 12 weeks but each pregnancy, like each woman is different and morning sickness is quite unpredictable. It's not entirely unusual for morning sickness to continue throughout the pregnancy. Whilst fasting for my scheduled caesarean, I remember hoping that I would make it through the surgery without vomiting (too much info!) but what surprised me most was how quickly it stopped. By the time I was back in my hospital bed, the symptoms had vanished. A wonderful relief after the previous 8 months were spent fighting morning sickness. Following pregnancies were easier to cope with because I knew my triggers and knew how to deal with them.

Nausea can happen immediately or you may get lucky and have no morning sickness at all. No one is for certain what causes morning sickness however the sudden changes in hormones and your body are bound to have some influence. Many women seem to get sick after taking the prenatal pill, so if you're one of them try taking it later in the day. Your doctor may even advise you to take some other form of vitamin instead of the pill. NOTE: Always consult your Doctor about any medications and treatments during pregnancy, even those designed for pre-natal use.

I've put together a few of the most common natural morning sickness remedies that will work to calm the tummies of most women however each woman is different. What works for one of us may have no effect on others. A little bit of trial and error is in order but I do suggest talking to the women who share your genes - find out what worked for your Mom or your will give you a great starting point.
  • Try keeping for favorite crackers on hand, salty one's seem to be popular.
  • Try drinking some ginger ale (or your favorite soft drink), it calms the stomach down.
  • Dry cereal is another good thing to eat, it's one of those things you can have just a little snack on until you're feeling up to having a meal
  • Small portions are helpful - they are a lot easier to bring up again...too much info again!
  • Get plenty of rest - you will need to tune into your body throughout your pregnancy, now's a good time to start.
  •  Keep yourself hydrated, dehydration will trigger more morning sickness which can lead into a vicious cycle which finishes in the Emergency Room of your local hospital
On a personal note...
  • I found the dried crystallized ginger sweets to be helpful. Ginger is an age old remedy for morning sickness but not something that you can easily work into your diet and 7am - which is why I always had a stash of crystallized ginger within arms reach.
  • I also suggest taking note of your triggers - long distance driving would always set  me off, as did particular smells. Once you know your triggers you can minimize your contact with them.
  • Find out what your "fall-back food" is. We all have a favorite food that we can always eat, even if we are full to the point of exploding, we can make room for this one fall-back food. It's possibly the first food you crave for after a bout of gastro or when you're unwell.
MY BIGGEST TIP OF ALL...was making sure I never had an empty stomach. When I could feel myself sliding, I would try to eat just a little bit of my "fall-back food" (mine is vegemite on raisin toast btw!).

After it's had a little time to digest (10-20min) I could go ahead and eat a full portion. For me, morning sickness was my body's way of saying "Hey! Your blood sugar is low and this baby is stealing you nourishment reserves....keep the food coming woman!"

 There is no fool proof morning sickness cure but there are plenty of options out there to try. Morning sickness bracelets are available in most drug stores these days. They work just like the motion sickness bracelets do. You will also find morning sickness tablets in your local drug store that are based on natural ingredients - with your Doctors consent, of course..

For more natural morning sickness remedy's, ginger is an age old treatment however nothing is more successful than tuning into your body and sleeping when you need to sleep, eating when you need to eat, taking a load off when you need to take a load off.

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