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Treating Acne During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it many changes in the body and many women will notice that their hair, nails and skin radiate with the change in hormones. Other women are not so lucky. Instaed of glowing in the spotlight of pregnancy, they shy away from it (and the camera) no thanks to ance.

As wonderful as it is to know that a new life is growing within, you can't help but feeling a little resentful when you're staring back at the mirror to a face full of bright red, painful blemishes. It's hurtful to know that while other women are enjoying better skin, you're facing the worst case of acne you've ever had. So what can we do about it?

 Acne is most likely to develop in the first trimester of the pregnancy due to changing hormonal levels that take place in the body. The most difficult problem that you'll face is finding a treatment because many of the medicated ance treatments available on the market are not suitable for use during pregnancy and can cause harm to a fetus. Some over-the-counter drugs for treating acne can even cause birth defects in the baby.

Treatments to be avoided during pregnancy:

Acne treatment which contains Accutane : Studies have revealed that when this ingredient is used, it might be very dangerous to the baby causing birth defects. In some cases, it might lead to miscarriage. This ingredient should also be avoided during the breast feeding period.

Tetracycline not recommended: Tetracycline is an oral antibiotic used in the treatment of adults and teenagers, but not recommended during pregnancy as it has been linked ti cases of poor bone development in the baby. It is also said to cause teeth discoloration in the infant (when they are a little older, of course).

Medications containing female hormones: Researchers are still debating this one and the information is inconclusive on this subject. These hormones, which are related with the development of the fetus and the female hormones, can be passed on to the baby either during breast feeding or during pregnancy. But then, it is thought large quantities can cause birth defects in the baby.

So it all looks pretty darn hopeless, doesn't it? Although prenatal acne is rather common, it does still pose a difficult challenge to treat and using any sort of topical treatment can be a great cause of stress for many expectant Moms.

By following a simple and easy- to-follow methods, women can avoid and control acne during pregnancy without any side effect:s. If you're thinking that you've heard them all before...that's because they work, given the chance.

Drink plenty of water, for a clear skin.

Mild exercises during pregnancy can stimulate the blood circulation to all the parts of the body preventing from the outbreak of acne.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed after a thorough wash.

Pregnant women should minimize junk foods and foods prepared in the microwave oven.

Cleanliness is the secret in the prevention of acne, hence pillows covers can be changed often,

Hair brushes and combs should be free from dirt, face could be washed with mild soap and cold water, if possible massaging and steaming can be done to get a clearer skin.

Remove your make-up carefully at night. Make-up...the anti-anti-wrinkle treatment!

Wash you're face with a gentle cleanser, (those with micro-beads are less likely to scratch and irritate the skin than those with ground up apricot stones which have jagged uneven edges) both in the morning and at night.

Gently apply a toner to your skin with a clean cotton or make-up pad.

Moisturize - if your skin thinks that it is dry, then it starts to produce even more oil to combat the dry areas.

A simple three step wash routine both at night and in the morning along with low or no oil based make-up will go a long way to treating acne naturally during pregnancy.


You must also keep in mind the first rule of beauty during this period....

"I am waaaay to busy caring about what I look like to care about what you look like!"

I have taught my son this little gem of advice since he was old enough to answer "How do I look?" and it's so very true. People are far too self-conscious about their own faults to notice your own so take heart and know that with a precious new life growing inside you, you are more beautiful today than you have ever been.

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