During my pregnancies and the birth of my children I was unhappy with the information that I found both online and in person. Particularly my last child who was born in the state's largest maternity hospital - I felt like I was waiting in the bank for the for the next available teller, they couldn't even tell me who would be performing the surgery. I was just another number.

Three caesarean's and a miscarriage later, I have decided that this is unacceptable and I now dedicate a huge portion of my days to helping others de-mistify the options and treatments that are available to them. I am the type of person who likes to ask questions and seek answers and I put a lot of effort into researching the topics that I come across because I believe that knowledge makes us grow.

In an effort to make this site as relevant as possible and improve the quality of information that's found here, you are invited to ask questions and share your own wisdom with us.